Box Wicket BF60 Limelight Mechanics

Box Wicket BF60 Limelight Mechanics


Imagined and designed by the manufacturer Limelight Mechanics, the Wicket BF60 box is a device requiring the installation of an 18650 format battery.

Equipped with the Dicodes BF60 chipset, the Wicket BF60 mod offers various modes of use including heater protection (protection against overheating developed by Dicodes). It can deliver between 5 and 60 watts. All settings are visible on the OLED screen located on the edge.

This Wicket BF60 box offers a diameter of 24 mm in order to accept the majority of clearomizers and atomizers available.

Finally, if the Wicket BF60 offers multiple functionalities, its aesthetics is also very noticeable, in particular thanks to a black delrin and stainless steel coating.

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Contemporary design

Composed mainly of black delrin, also called polyoxymethylene, the Wicket BF60 box dazzles with its beauty! Sober, it also incorporates brushed stainless steel, for the tube of its 18650 battery. What give a current look to the whole.




With its pleasant to the touch coating and its shape specially designed to fit the shape of the hand, the Limelight Mechanics Wicket BF60 box is a particularly ergonomic piece of equipment. The adjustment buttons, which seem embedded in the box, slide under easily under the finger.



Chipset BF60 Dicodes

The Wicket BF60 box comes with the BF60 chipset from Dicodes. This electronic chip allows the mod to deliver up to 60 watts and to offer a multitude of vape modes such as Bypass, Temperature Control, or even the classic watt adjustment.


Origin Serbia
Type of electronic cigarettes Box
Electro – Meca Electronic
Built-in battery Do not
Battery type 18650
Accu name(s) 1
Battery (s) provided Do not
Temperature control Yes
Temperature range 120°C – 280°C
Power 60 watts
resistance min. accepted (in Ω) 0.2 ohm
no screws 510
Port USB Yes
Length 38 mm
Lenght 24 mm
Height 79 mm
Weight without battery(ies) 101 g

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